Using Custom Temporary Tattoos for Cosplay

Using Custom Temporary Tattoos for Cosplaytemporary tattoos

Cosplay or costume play is fast gaining popularity nowadays. Before, it was just a hobby among die-hard fans of anime, video games, movies and even comic books. When people see someone doing cosplay, they immediately assume that the person is a hardcore fan of that specific character. There’s also this unfortunate stereotype that cosplayers (people who do cosplay) are nothing more than geeks with a lot of time in their hands. However, that’s not the case anymore. More and more people are doing it and it’s actually very common to see events that bring these players together.

A good example is a comic book convention. If you’re tasked to organize an event like this, it’s a good idea to encourage people to do cosplay at the event. Not all comic book conventions have cosplayers and it’s in your best interest to encourage this. This can increase the excitement for your event and people will actually look forward to it.

How Can Temporary Tattoos Help Encourage Cosplay?

First, you can use custom temporary tattoos to let people know about what you’re trying to achieve. Of course, not a lot of people will go to a convention doing cosplay if they’re not sure if anybody else is doing it. This is why you have to let people know that it’s encouraged.

One good way of doing it is to make several designs of custom fake tattoos with designs of cosplay characters and give them out to anyone who’s interested in going to the convention. Let’s say that you’re organizing a yearly convention. For this year, you can give out custom temporary tattoos that have “Come as” on top and the design of the character in the middle. You can also create more excitement by putting “and win a prize!” at the bottom. Who wouldn’t want to win a prize at an event that they love going to? You can also bet that a lot of them have always wanted to do it and they’re just waiting for the right time to do it. You can let them know that it’s the perfect time.

You can also let people know that cosplay is fun. Of course, not everyone is familiar with it so it’s a good idea for you to raise awareness. You can give out custom fake tattoos that say, “Cosplay Rocks!” and that can serve as encouragement so that they’ll at least check it out.

Temporary Tattoos Can Help Cosplaying!

You can also sell custom temporary tattoos that can be used for cosplay itself. Remember that a lot of these players are looking for new things that can complement their overall look. They’re also looking for things that can help them capture the complete look of the character that they want to play. Let’s say that the character is wearing a tattoo. Hopefully, no one will get a permanent tattoo just so he can stay true to the original. Getting a fake tattoo makes better sense.

Sometimes, there are players that come up with their own looks. They’re not really looking to copy a character. They can use the custom temporary tattoos to spice up their looks and come up with something original.

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Using Temporary Tattoos to Promote a Grand Opening

Using Temporary Tattoos to Promote a Grand Openingtemporary tattoos

A grand opening is something that business owners look forward to and for good reason. They spend months, even years to set up the business and the grand opening is a good indicator if the business is going to be successful or not. It’s one of the biggest events of their businesses and if they can’t do it right, then how can they expect to have a successful venture? You want to start your business with a bang, not a whimper.

This is why you have to make sure that your grand opening will be successful and this is where you can use temporary tattoos. Fake tattoos are perfect for just about everything and this is evident with how people have been using them. But there is one thing that they do exceptionally well – promote a business.

This is because they’re easily customizable. You have a business name, right? Of course, you also have a logo. If you have a good business sense, then you also have a few slogans in mind. If you have these things, then you can have temporary tattoos that can help you promote your grand opening.

How to Use Your Temporary Tattoos?

What exactly do you need to do? Your main goal is to raise a lot of excitement for the event. You have to make sure that the excitement rises to a fever pitch. This is why you have to start advertising before the event starts. However, don’t start too early because the excitement may die down. A couple of weeks before the event is a good timeline.

Here’s what you can do. You can team up with a good manufacturer and you can have a batch of fake tattoos that can help you with your promotional efforts. Of course, you need to come up with a great design for them. You also have your business name and slogan. You can create a batch with this information together with the date of your grand opening. Show up in malls, beaches, parks and just about anywhere where there are a lot of people and give them out. The key here is to let as many people know as possible. Let’s say that you were able to reach out to a thousand people. If you can get half of them to be interested, then you already have 500 guests for your grand opening!

Temporary Tattoos Are Walking Billboards!

Better yet, raise more excitement by coming up with more exciting designs for the temporary tattoos. Why not hold a special for your grand opening? Let’s say that you’re opening up a restaurant in a few weeks. Unfortunately, the only location that you can afford doesn’t attract a lot of foot traffic so you’ll be relying on your grand opening to raise awareness about your restaurant. You can give out fake tattoos with something that says, “Double-sized burgers at half the price!” or something to that effect. You then tell them that they have to wear the fake tattoos at least a few days before the event and show up at the grand opening wearing the temporary tattoos in order to get the discount.

There are a lot of other ways that you can use temporary tattoos to promote your grand opening. Check them out today to see what they bring to the table. Don’t wait too long to get your temporary tattoos because you have that big opening happening soon!

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NFL Temporary Tattoos for the Super Bowl

NFL Temporary Tattoos for the Super Bowltemporary tattoos

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events every year. From the way the excitement builds up leading to the event, it would look like the event is held once every century. A lot of people watch it and it doesn’t matter if it’s their team that’s playing or not. They’ll either troop to the stadium or invite a few friends over and order some wings for a Super Bowl party. In fact, saying that a lot of people watch it is an understatement. In 2010, 106 million people were glued in front of their TV sets to watch the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, that’s the most-watched show on American TV…ever!

NFL Advertising – More Than Just Temporary Tattoos!

The Super Bowl also features a popular sideshow – the commercials. During this sporting event, companies pull out all the stops to make sure that they get to play their commercials during lulls in the game. They’ll come up with the most viral commercials in order to capture the attention of the viewers. Judging from the views that they’re getting on YouTube, it’s safe to say that they succeeded.

The Super Bowl is also home to the most hardcore fans. You’ll see fans wearing NFL temporary tattoos at the game in addition to the usual garb of the team’s jersey and a little face paint. This is why a lot of teams are putting out custom fake tattoos designed after the team. They know that there are a lot of fans who are looking for things that can help them show their support for the team.

If you order the NFL temporary tattoos from a trusted manufacturer, you can be sure that they’ll look as if they’re real. Can you imagine the looks that you’re going to get from fellow fans if you show up at the game with a “tattoo”? They’ll think that you’re a hardcore fan which you are and you have the body art to prove it. Just make sure that you do something unique if you’re ordering them. After all, the sports teams logos are copyrighted and they wouldn’t want you copying them directly.

Temporary Tattoos As Advertising

You don’t have to be in the NFL or other big sporting leagues in order to take advantage of custom fake tattoos. You have to know that they work no matter how big or small the market is. This is because they’re very versatile. In fact, there’s actually more reasons for you to use them. You can use them as a marketing strategy to help increase your team’s fan base. You can also use them to raise team spirit. This is why NFL temporary tattoos are very popular. They raise the spirit of the team and their fans.

Companies can also take advantage of the popularity of sports by advertising or marketing their products or services at games. While advertising at the Super Bowl may be too expensive for most companies, there are a lot of smaller leagues where they can advertise. This works perfectly for local businesses. For example, you can team up with popular players, team or league in the area where your business is located. You can have custom fake tattoos made and you now have a marketing tool that a lot of people in your area will see. It’s not the Super Bowl, but you’re highly-visible to your target market with local use of custom temporary tattoos.

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Teens Exploring Temporary Tattoos

Teens Exploring Temporary Tattoos

Teens have it hard. While some people think that they have it easy, teens actually have to go through a lot during their teenage years. They have to deal with their changing bodies, hormones and a lot of other questions in their minds. They also have to deal with school work which is pretty challenging. But that’s not all, a lot of kids are also dealing with bullies and peer pressure.

This is the reason why they’re very careful about their appearance. If you have a teenage kid, then you probably temporary tattoosknow this because you have a kid who spends an hour trying to get ready for school. Image is a huge concern for kids. In fact, a survey done in Australia had 1/3 of the respondents aged 11 to 19 saying that body image is their primary concern. Some adults would say that kids nowadays are shallow for caring too much about their appearance. But that’s not really the case. They want to look good because they don’t want to be the “weird girl” that everybody loves to gossip about.

Teens and Temporary Tattoos in the Past

This is why teenagers in the past wouldn’t be caught dead wearing temporary tattoos. This is especially true a few decades ago when only younger kids would wear them. Fake tattoos were initially designed for younger kids as toys and of course, teenagers wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing toys on their bodies. Additionally, the designs back then were very limited. Understandably, a teenager wouldn’t want to wear a temporary tattoo with a design of a rose, sun, star or the likes.

Fortunately, the market for temporary tattoos expanded. However, it seems that the market skipped an age range. Adults started using fake tattoos. This is because they realized that they can be used for something else. With the help of good manufacturers, event organizers designed temporary tattoos that they used as giveaways to help raise team spirit or funds.

But nowadays, teenagers are starting to realize that there’s nothing wrong in wearing fake tattoos. They’ve improved a lot as far as quality and design is concerned and teenagers are starting to take notice. They now see them as fashionable and can easily help them look good. It also helps that a lot of popular stars like Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Greene and Sarah Jessica Parker are wearing them as fashion accessories. We all know how popular stars can dictate what’s in fashion or not.

In the Australian survey, it was explained that a lot of the respondents care about body image because of extra-curricular activities. A lot of these kids are involved in sports, music, dance and the likes. Of course, they want to look good especially since most activities would require them to do so.temporary tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Now Have Versatility

This is also another reason why teenagers are now using temporary tattoos. Let’s say that a 16 year old girl is part of the cheerleading squad. She can wear fake tattoos to help show support for the team. They can also be worn to help them with their roles in plays, musicals and the likes. It helps a lot that they’re not just toys anymore. Temporary tattoos are very versatile and can be used in a lot of ways.

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Retro Temporary Tattoos are Bringing the Groove Back

Retro Temporary Tattoos are Bringing the Groove Backtemporary tattoos

We all are babies of a specific generation. Guys in their late 20s are 80s babies. On the other hand, a lot of the older batches remember the swinging 60s because they are 50s babies. Have you ever wondered why we often say that one generation is better than another? For example, 80s babies will say that their generation is the best because of the music, or the introduction of the punk movement. On the other hand, 60s babies may be the first one to object because they’ll say that their music is way better and they had flower power and movements for civil rights and peace. This is a conversation that no one can win because you’ll always be challenged by someone who thinks that his generation is better.

In a way, everyone is correct. There’s a reason why people think that their own generations are great. They have reasons for their beliefs because they have great memories of their times.

This is the reason why everything seems to be making a comeback. Songs are being sampled and fashion is being resurrected. Slogans are being used and popular personalities continue to live in our hearts and minds even years after their death. This is because it’s good to look back when times were familiar and memory often fades out the mediocre leaving only the best and the worst – and the worst can’t be that bad because we all got through it. Also, it helps that a lot of people work on bringing the good times back.

Temporary Tattoos Help Bring Back the Good Times!

A good example of bringing back the good parts is the fact that a lot of people make retro temporary tattoos nowadays. Fake tattoos are very popular for this cause because they’re one of the easiest things to customize. All you need to do is to come up with a good design and have a good manufacturer turn it into reality. When all you need to do is to bring a feeling or memory back, then you have half the job done. You just need to take something popular back then and turn them into retro temporary tattoos.

The swinging 60s is known for being colorful. This makes fake tattoos the perfect tool for the job. A good manufacturer can recreate millions of colors so there’s no limit with the colors that you want to use. If you want to bring back something, you have to make sure that they “jump out” so that they can capture the attention of people. As an example, you can use a design of a van filled with colorful decals to promote a swinging 60s party that you’re setting up. People will take a look at the design and they’ll immediately remember the good old times. As for the people who didn’t get the privilege to live in the 60s, they’ll be so curious that they’ll attend the party.

Have Your Own Retro Party With Temporary Tattoos!

The 70s is known for its groovy dance moves thanks in part to 3 brothers known collectively as the Bee Gees. Their song Staying Alive became a dance phenomenon that people who lived in the 70s probably still remember the steps. Let’s say that you’re trying to raise funds for a good cause. Why not hold a 70s party? You can design retro temporary tattoos and give them out to announce the event. You can even sell them at the event itself in order to raise funds. Just come up with great designs for the fake tattoos and people will proudly wear the temporary tattoos as they dance to groovy 70s music.

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Setting Up a Weird Strategy Together with Custom Temporary Tattoos

Setting Up a Weird Strategy Together with Custom Temporary Tattoostemporary tattoos

In the past, it was considered weird to use a strategy that’s centered on using custom temporary tattoos. Back then, temporary tattoos were mainly for fun and skin art. People thought that there’s no place for them in serious things like fundraisers, event management and promotions. However, a few people started to see their potentials and they started using them for more serious things. For example, a few people started using them for fundraisers. They had their shares of raised eyebrows as people were initially exposed to this weird strategy. But then, they started working with the help of great manufacturers that were able to release great custom fake tattoos. Suddenly, using temporary tattoos as a strategy is not weird anymore. It’s an effective strategy that’s now being used by a lot of people.

Just Using Temporary Tattoos is No Longer Weird

Even the big companies are recognizing their potentials. In addition, they also recognize the benefits of coming up with a weird strategy. Now, weird can sometimes be good. This is especially true if the strategy is unique and if you put a lot of thought into it. You just have to take advantage of all the available tools and complement your planned weird strategy with something that people are already familiar with. This way, you’re not going to turn them off. Let’s face it; a weird strategy can make people think that you’re not serious with your cause.

Let’s take a look at the BiC company. The company is known for their pens and razors and now, they’re known for raising funds for a good cause. They set up a fundraiser that they named, BiC 4 Good, which was set up to raise $50,000 in funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The mechanics are simple. Shave your head using a BiC razor and get it on video and the company will donate $400 to the foundation. If you prefer, you can send a picture instead and the company will donate $40. The company recognizes that a lot of people cherish their hair so there’s also the option of a digital shave and the company will donate $4.

It sounded weird at first. After all, how can they expect people to shave their heads for charity? Well apparently, the fundraiser worked and they’re now able to come up with $70,000 that they’ll donate to the foundation. With more and more people joining, they decided to raise the limit to $125,000.

Have Temporary Tattoos Help Your New Weird Strategy

They were able to do it with the help of custom fake tattoos. People are already familiar with them and they’re known to raise team spirit. When people started to see temporary tattoos with the words, “BiC 4 Good”, they were instantly rallied into shaving their heads.

A lot of people started to help the company spread the word and raise funds. For example, the “Whosyourdonny?” tattoo company in Fenton, Michigan was able rally 100 people into shaving their heads for the fundraiser. They now have shaved heads with custom fake tattoos of the company.

In addition to raising funds for a good cause, BiC was also able to spread the word about their company. This is where the temporary tattoos helped them. With the help of their custom temporary tattoos, BiC was able to hit two birds with one stone.

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Using Temporary Tattoos to Emulate the Stars

Using Temporary Tattoos to Emulate the Stars

Let’s face it. We look up to stars as if they’re higher than us in the hierarchy. It’s like we’re humans, and they’re above us just below God. It’s easy to see why we feel this way. After all, we idolize them. We idolize the Hollywood stars because we love how they portray characters in movies. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Robert Downey is not Tony Stark or Iron Man. It’s also easy to forget that Christian Bale is just a normal person and that he doesn’t go out at night to go after the bad guys of Gotham.

This also applies to other stars like athletes. We just witnessed how Blake Griffin jumped over a car at the last NBA All-Star festivities. We also regularly witness how other players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant score 50 points. In our eyes, what they’re doing is not humanly possible.

Of course, there are the popular singers that we’ll pay good money just to see them perform. Rihanna has always been popular while Eminem just made a successful comeback. Of course, who’s not familiar with Justin Bieber?

We feel that they’re higher than us because we can’t do what they’re doing on a regular basis. There’s no way that we can pull off a scowl like what Mr. Bale regularly does as the Batman. There’s also no way that we can dunk, let alone over a car, like Mr. Griffin. Oh, and our bathroom’s “acoustic properties” couldn’t help us sing in tune.

This is why most fans emulate their idols in other ways. For example, we’ve seen people wear a white shirt and sweatpants combo ala Eminem that led to the rapper asking that the “real Slim Shady please stand up!” Also, fans wear the latest shoes that are endorsed by these basketball players. Of course, we’ve done our shares of acting in front of the mirror as if we’re in an audition.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people that emulate the tattoos of the stars. I’m willing to bet that there are now a lot of fans who have a tattoo of musical notes on their feet just because Rihanna has them. There are also a few LBJ fans that had the guts to tattoo, “Chosen 1” across their backs.

temporary tattoosThis is understandable for two reasons. First, fans find them cool because after all, they are tattoos of the stars. In addition, fans emulate them just because they idolize these stars and wearing their tattoos somehow makes them feel that they’re one with them.

Using Star Tattoos as Inspiration for your Temporary Tattoos

What they don’t know is they actually have the better option of wearing custom temporary tattoos. Instead of going through the painful process of getting permanent tattoos of the stars, you can just have them customized by your friendly manufacturer of custom temporary tattoos. Of course, you have to make sure that you’re not breaking any laws in copying their design. Better yet, come up with something better! Use their designs as inspiration and make something better. When was the last time that you had something better than your idol? That time can be now! Begin it all with your inspired custom temporary tattoos!

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Using Temporary Tattoos for Law Enforcement

Using Temporary Tattoos for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is serious work. Of course, there are the demanding tasks like protecting the people and upholding thetemporary tattoos law by catching the bad guys. It goes without saying that the job is very dangerous. This is why it’s not for everyone. You probably realize now why people have to jump through hoops and pass tests just so they can work in law enforcement. It demands a lot and one wrong move can mean harm to you and to those that you’re trying to protect.

Are they all work and no fun? Well, we hope not. As mentioned, the job is very demanding and they should play a little to make sure that they preserve their sanity. This is why many officers take up sports and hobbies so that they’ll have something fun to do during their free time. However, those in law enforcement will tell you that they don’t get a lot of free time. This is why sometimes; they do less demanding but equally important jobs as part of their overall duty.

Using Temporary Tattoos to Reach Out to the Community

What you probably don’t know is they enjoy going to schools. They enjoy speaking in front of kids because that’s a good break from their more dangerous work. Aside from it being a good break, they also know that they’re doing a lot for these kids. This is especially true if they’re going to think outside the box and do something like give out custom fake tattoos.

Use Temporary Tattoos to Teach Kids

Their main task is to send several messages across. Usually, they want to tell kids that they have to be careful. This is where temporary tattoos can help them. For example, they can give out custom fake tattoos with a design of a smiling kid on his bike wearing protection equipment like helmet and pads. Coming from a “cool cop” using fun temporary tattoos, they will absorb the message like how a sponge will absorb water. It helps a lot if a good manufacturer will make them. This way, the design and text will be very clear.

Another good idea is to give out temporary tattoos with the numbers, “911” on them. Now, it’s a good idea to talk to them about this service. You should tell them that it’s a number that they can call when there’s an emergency. This is very important and every kid should know about this service. We all know that emergencies happen all the time and it’s good for them to know what to do when there’s an emergency and they’re the only ones who can dial 911.

You should also talk to them about road safety. This is also very important and there’s no better person to talk to them about road safety than a law enforcement official like you. However, talking to them about the dangers of the road may be too overwhelming for them. This is why it’s a good idea to use temporary tattoos. Customize them to show several road signs. You can then talk about the signs and what they stand for.

Drugs are also a huge problem for kids. This is especially true for the bigger kids. Custom fake tattoos with a simple design that says, “Say NO to Drugs” is a good way to start talking to them about the bad effects that they can cause. Simply put, you can use temporary tattoos to spread your message across. Check out custom temporary tattoos if you’re about to talk to a group of kids.

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Using Custom Temporary Tattoos Decoratively

Using Custom Temporary Tattoos for Decoration Purposes custom temporary tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos are fun. You probably know that even if you’ve encountered them only once in your whole life, which is really impossible because fake tattoos are everywhere. You can see them in malls, stadiums, gymnasiums, beaches, schools and just about everywhere. This is because they’re very versatile. They can be used in a lot of ways and done correctly; they can easily help you succeed. This is why a lot of people use them. They know that giving them out as giveaways or even selling them can help them achieve their goals. Most people use them to raise team spirit, awareness or funds. With the help of a good manufacturer, you can easily achieve this.

Custom Temporary Tattoos Are Cheaper than the Real Thing!

It also helps that they’re very inexpensive. This is why even common people can use them. You don’t need to be an event organizer to take advantage of custom temporary tattoos. A lot of people buy them for decoration purposes. In fact, there are even people who make them themselves. Since they’re inexpensive, people can easily experiment with them. One way of experimenting with fake tattoos is to decorate whatever it is you want to decorate. You can even “decorate” yourself! They’ve been used for decades as a form of skin art and we all know that skin art is all about decorating yourself for self-expression.

Since they’re inexpensive, why don’t you try to experiment on a few changes in your look? You don’t need to be in a mid-life crisis and you certainly don’t need to have a case of identity crisis in order to make a few changes in your looks. You can simply be attending a party and you need a few things to spice up your look. Custom temporary tattoos work best because there is no limit as far as designs are concerned. You can either buy the existing ones or you can create your own design and have a good manufacturer make them for you. You can stock up on hundreds of fake tattoos because you can wear them everyday if you choose to.

Custom Temporary Tattoos – Not Just For Bodies!

You can also use custom temporary tattoos if you want to decorate things around you. Let’s say that you’re into scrapbooking. Having a few hundreds of fake tattoos can help you decorate your scrapbook if you want something original. You can also decorate pictures. A good way to do it is to stick themed temporary tattoos. Let’s say that you just came from a Christmas vacation and you have a lot of pictures. You can use Christmas-themed fake tattoos and stick them on the pictures. They’re much better than stickers because they take less space compared to stickers.

You can also give them to kids and teach them to use them on their school supplies. Your kid can turn boring notebooks, books, pencil cases and the likes into fun-looking school supplies. Better yet, you can order custom temporary tattoos that have personalized information like your kid’s name so that his school supplies will be personalized. There are a lot of ways on how you can use fake tattoos to decorate. Just use your imagination and your custom temporary tattoos will serve you.

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Custom Temporary Tattoos that Remind You of the Things that You Have to Do

custom temporary tattoos

Custom Temporary Tattoos that Remind You of the Things that You Have to Do

Custom temporary tattoos remind us of a lot of things. Of course, it’s a given that we are often reminded of the time when we were innocent little kids who wore these fake tattoos and pretended that they were real. That was the time when we thought that they are so fun. Going back to those times, it’s a little hard to see why we enjoyed them so much. This is because most of the designs back then were very limited. But for kids, they are fun and that’s all that matters. Besides, a lot of things have changed now. There are now a lot of fun designs that adults enjoy as well. So when we look at them, we’re still reminded of how fun they are and this is the reason why we can’t help ourselves from wearing them.

Custom Temporary Tattoos Remind Us of Causes and Team Spirit

This is probably the reason why a lot of event organizers order custom temporary tattoos for their events. They give them out in order to raise team spirit, awareness or funds. This can only be achieved if people will actually wear them. Since they’re reminded that they’re fun to wear, they have no problems wearing them.

Some people are saying that fake tattoos can also be used to help remind us of things to do. Humans are naturally forgetful. We forget passwords, birthdays, and the likes. We also forget the things that we have to do for the day. This is quite the challenge at work and this is why employees had to resort to writing things down. This is why their workstations are often filled with post-its to help remind them of the things that they have to accomplish.

On the other hand, there are people that write the things that they have to do on their hands! They basically use their hands as a notepad so they can quickly glance at them when the need for the information arises. Even a certain politician was caught on camera doing it. It’s also a common sight in supermarkets when people have the grocery list on the palm of their hands. Of course, this presented a lot of troubles especially for those with sweaty palms.

This is why there’s a manufacturer that decided to make “to-do tattoos”. They’re basically custom temporary tattoos that you stick on the palm of your hand and it’s basically designed to look like a to-do list. It has the words “To Do” on top and then several lines at the bottom for the things that you have to do. This way, we’re reminded of the things that we have to do when we look at our palms.

Now, these fake tattoos actually had a great thing in mind. A lot of people could use a reminder every now and then. However, they presented a lot of problems. First, what are you going to do when you don’t need the list anymore? Second, how are you going to explain to your boss that you have a cheat sheet? Also, a lot of people ranted about the quality of these custom temporary tattoos. If they were probably made by a better manufacturer, then the quality would have been better and some people would have used it.

Custom Temporary Tattoos Should Be Made by a Professional

This teaches us to be careful about our ideas. Even if you have a great idea in mind, slow down and take several factors into consideration. This is especially true if you’re expecting a lot from the fake tattoos. Lastly, make sure that you have your custom temporary tattoos made by a trusted manufacturer.

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