How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

Make Temporary Tattoos LastHow to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Once Applied

Fake tattoos are awesome. In fact, a lot of people are hoping that they last forever. These are the people that love skin art and would have loved to get a permanent tattoo if not for the fact that it hurts a lot. Tattoo artists would tell you that they feel like ant bites. What they don’t tell you is they feel like thousands of ant bites.

First of all, we’re probably decades away from coming up with temporary tattoos that last forever. This is okay. One of the best things about fake tattoos is they’re temporary. A lot of people who have permanent tattoos grow tired of the design and they have no choice but to live with the tattoos that they’re sick of forever. Of course, they can just have a new one made. But that means having to go through the painful process again.

This is why it’s a wonder why there are people who are looking for ways on how to make temporary tattoos last longer. Isn’t it better that you get to change them every now and then? But still, some people are looking for ways to make them last longer because they only last for a few days. Fake tattoos should last at least a week.

Tips on How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last

Here are some tips on how to make temporary tattoos last longer:

1. How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last – Keep oil away from it.

Baby oil can wipe them off. This is why you have to make sure that they don’t get in contact with any type of oil. With that being said, make sure to gently wash the area around it. This can help repel oil. Putting baby powder on the tattoo itself also helps because it can absorb the oil.

2. How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last – Clean the area thoroughly before application.

This can help make sure that the area is free of dirt and oil which can stop the tattoo from sticking properly. Tattoos are designed to be applied to clean, dry skin, so make temporary tattoos last by following this initial step.

3. How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last – Avoid applying them on your hands or other areas that are constantly flexing and moving and coming into contact with oils, and hard surfaces.

The constant changing of the surface area as your hands move can lead to cracking, and premature fading. Also, your hands are washed more frequently, and touch a lot more substances and objects than most other body parts. This increases the wear and tear on the tattoos.

The Key to Make Temporary Tattoos Last!

4. How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last – Order your fake tattoos from a trusted manufacturer.

This is your answer if you’re looking for the best way on how to make temporary tattoos last longer. No amount of care will make a tattoo last long if it’s made of bad quality materials and processes. A good manufacturer can make sure that they last for days. You can easily make temporary tattoos last a couple of weeks if they’re made by a good manufacturer and you take good care of them.

These tips can make sure that you will enjoy your fake tattoos for a very long time. That’s a very huge bonus to the already worth it fake tattoos. Make sure you follow most, if not all, of these tips to make temporary tattoos last on your skin!

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