Retro Temporary Tattoos are Bringing the Groove Back

Retro Temporary Tattoos are Bringing the Groove Backtemporary tattoos

We all are babies of a specific generation. Guys in their late 20s are 80s babies. On the other hand, a lot of the older batches remember the swinging 60s because they are 50s babies. Have you ever wondered why we often say that one generation is better than another? For example, 80s babies will say that their generation is the best because of the music, or the introduction of the punk movement. On the other hand, 60s babies may be the first one to object because they’ll say that their music is way better and they had flower power and movements for civil rights and peace. This is a conversation that no one can win because you’ll always be challenged by someone who thinks that his generation is better.

In a way, everyone is correct. There’s a reason why people think that their own generations are great. They have reasons for their beliefs because they have great memories of their times.

This is the reason why everything seems to be making a comeback. Songs are being sampled and fashion is being resurrected. Slogans are being used and popular personalities continue to live in our hearts and minds even years after their death. This is because it’s good to look back when times were familiar and memory often fades out the mediocre leaving only the best and the worst – and the worst can’t be that bad because we all got through it. Also, it helps that a lot of people work on bringing the good times back.

Temporary Tattoos Help Bring Back the Good Times!

A good example of bringing back the good parts is the fact that a lot of people make retro temporary tattoos nowadays. Fake tattoos are very popular for this cause because they’re one of the easiest things to customize. All you need to do is to come up with a good design and have a good manufacturer turn it into reality. When all you need to do is to bring a feeling or memory back, then you have half the job done. You just need to take something popular back then and turn them into retro temporary tattoos.

The swinging 60s is known for being colorful. This makes fake tattoos the perfect tool for the job. A good manufacturer can recreate millions of colors so there’s no limit with the colors that you want to use. If you want to bring back something, you have to make sure that they “jump out” so that they can capture the attention of people. As an example, you can use a design of a van filled with colorful decals to promote a swinging 60s party that you’re setting up. People will take a look at the design and they’ll immediately remember the good old times. As for the people who didn’t get the privilege to live in the 60s, they’ll be so curious that they’ll attend the party.

Have Your Own Retro Party With Temporary Tattoos!

The 70s is known for its groovy dance moves thanks in part to 3 brothers known collectively as the Bee Gees. Their song Staying Alive became a dance phenomenon that people who lived in the 70s probably still remember the steps. Let’s say that you’re trying to raise funds for a good cause. Why not hold a 70s party? You can design retro temporary tattoos and give them out to announce the event. You can even sell them at the event itself in order to raise funds. Just come up with great designs for the fake tattoos and people will proudly wear the temporary tattoos as they dance to groovy 70s music.

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