Setting Up a Weird Strategy Together with Custom Temporary Tattoos

Setting Up a Weird Strategy Together with Custom Temporary Tattoostemporary tattoos

In the past, it was considered weird to use a strategy that’s centered on using custom temporary tattoos. Back then, temporary tattoos were mainly for fun and skin art. People thought that there’s no place for them in serious things like fundraisers, event management and promotions. However, a few people started to see their potentials and they started using them for more serious things. For example, a few people started using them for fundraisers. They had their shares of raised eyebrows as people were initially exposed to this weird strategy. But then, they started working with the help of great manufacturers that were able to release great custom fake tattoos. Suddenly, using temporary tattoos as a strategy is not weird anymore. It’s an effective strategy that’s now being used by a lot of people.

Just Using Temporary Tattoos is No Longer Weird

Even the big companies are recognizing their potentials. In addition, they also recognize the benefits of coming up with a weird strategy. Now, weird can sometimes be good. This is especially true if the strategy is unique and if you put a lot of thought into it. You just have to take advantage of all the available tools and complement your planned weird strategy with something that people are already familiar with. This way, you’re not going to turn them off. Let’s face it; a weird strategy can make people think that you’re not serious with your cause.

Let’s take a look at the BiC company. The company is known for their pens and razors and now, they’re known for raising funds for a good cause. They set up a fundraiser that they named, BiC 4 Good, which was set up to raise $50,000 in funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The mechanics are simple. Shave your head using a BiC razor and get it on video and the company will donate $400 to the foundation. If you prefer, you can send a picture instead and the company will donate $40. The company recognizes that a lot of people cherish their hair so there’s also the option of a digital shave and the company will donate $4.

It sounded weird at first. After all, how can they expect people to shave their heads for charity? Well apparently, the fundraiser worked and they’re now able to come up with $70,000 that they’ll donate to the foundation. With more and more people joining, they decided to raise the limit to $125,000.

Have Temporary Tattoos Help Your New Weird Strategy

They were able to do it with the help of custom fake tattoos. People are already familiar with them and they’re known to raise team spirit. When people started to see temporary tattoos with the words, “BiC 4 Good”, they were instantly rallied into shaving their heads.

A lot of people started to help the company spread the word and raise funds. For example, the “Whosyourdonny?” tattoo company in Fenton, Michigan was able rally 100 people into shaving their heads for the fundraiser. They now have shaved heads with custom fake tattoos of the company.

In addition to raising funds for a good cause, BiC was also able to spread the word about their company. This is where the temporary tattoos helped them. With the help of their custom temporary tattoos, BiC was able to hit two birds with one stone.

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