Teens Exploring Temporary Tattoos

Teens Exploring Temporary Tattoos

Teens have it hard. While some people think that they have it easy, teens actually have to go through a lot during their teenage years. They have to deal with their changing bodies, hormones and a lot of other questions in their minds. They also have to deal with school work which is pretty challenging. But that’s not all, a lot of kids are also dealing with bullies and peer pressure.

This is the reason why they’re very careful about their appearance. If you have a teenage kid, then you probably temporary tattoosknow this because you have a kid who spends an hour trying to get ready for school. Image is a huge concern for kids. In fact, a survey done in Australia had 1/3 of the respondents aged 11 to 19 saying that body image is their primary concern. Some adults would say that kids nowadays are shallow for caring too much about their appearance. But that’s not really the case. They want to look good because they don’t want to be the “weird girl” that everybody loves to gossip about.

Teens and Temporary Tattoos in the Past

This is why teenagers in the past wouldn’t be caught dead wearing temporary tattoos. This is especially true a few decades ago when only younger kids would wear them. Fake tattoos were initially designed for younger kids as toys and of course, teenagers wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing toys on their bodies. Additionally, the designs back then were very limited. Understandably, a teenager wouldn’t want to wear a temporary tattoo with a design of a rose, sun, star or the likes.

Fortunately, the market for temporary tattoos expanded. However, it seems that the market skipped an age range. Adults started using fake tattoos. This is because they realized that they can be used for something else. With the help of good manufacturers, event organizers designed temporary tattoos that they used as giveaways to help raise team spirit or funds.

But nowadays, teenagers are starting to realize that there’s nothing wrong in wearing fake tattoos. They’ve improved a lot as far as quality and design is concerned and teenagers are starting to take notice. They now see them as fashionable and can easily help them look good. It also helps that a lot of popular stars like Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Greene and Sarah Jessica Parker are wearing them as fashion accessories. We all know how popular stars can dictate what’s in fashion or not.

In the Australian survey, it was explained that a lot of the respondents care about body image because of extra-curricular activities. A lot of these kids are involved in sports, music, dance and the likes. Of course, they want to look good especially since most activities would require them to do so.temporary tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Now Have Versatility

This is also another reason why teenagers are now using temporary tattoos. Let’s say that a 16 year old girl is part of the cheerleading squad. She can wear fake tattoos to help show support for the team. They can also be worn to help them with their roles in plays, musicals and the likes. It helps a lot that they’re not just toys anymore. Temporary tattoos are very versatile and can be used in a lot of ways.

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