Using Custom Temporary Tattoos for Cosplay

Using Custom Temporary Tattoos for Cosplaytemporary tattoos

Cosplay or costume play is fast gaining popularity nowadays. Before, it was just a hobby among die-hard fans of anime, video games, movies and even comic books. When people see someone doing cosplay, they immediately assume that the person is a hardcore fan of that specific character. There’s also this unfortunate stereotype that cosplayers (people who do cosplay) are nothing more than geeks with a lot of time in their hands. However, that’s not the case anymore. More and more people are doing it and it’s actually very common to see events that bring these players together.

A good example is a comic book convention. If you’re tasked to organize an event like this, it’s a good idea to encourage people to do cosplay at the event. Not all comic book conventions have cosplayers and it’s in your best interest to encourage this. This can increase the excitement for your event and people will actually look forward to it.

How Can Temporary Tattoos Help Encourage Cosplay?

First, you can use custom temporary tattoos to let people know about what you’re trying to achieve. Of course, not a lot of people will go to a convention doing cosplay if they’re not sure if anybody else is doing it. This is why you have to let people know that it’s encouraged.

One good way of doing it is to make several designs of custom fake tattoos with designs of cosplay characters and give them out to anyone who’s interested in going to the convention. Let’s say that you’re organizing a yearly convention. For this year, you can give out custom temporary tattoos that have “Come as” on top and the design of the character in the middle. You can also create more excitement by putting “and win a prize!” at the bottom. Who wouldn’t want to win a prize at an event that they love going to? You can also bet that a lot of them have always wanted to do it and they’re just waiting for the right time to do it. You can let them know that it’s the perfect time.

You can also let people know that cosplay is fun. Of course, not everyone is familiar with it so it’s a good idea for you to raise awareness. You can give out custom fake tattoos that say, “Cosplay Rocks!” and that can serve as encouragement so that they’ll at least check it out.

Temporary Tattoos Can Help Cosplaying!

You can also sell custom temporary tattoos that can be used for cosplay itself. Remember that a lot of these players are looking for new things that can complement their overall look. They’re also looking for things that can help them capture the complete look of the character that they want to play. Let’s say that the character is wearing a tattoo. Hopefully, no one will get a permanent tattoo just so he can stay true to the original. Getting a fake tattoo makes better sense.

Sometimes, there are players that come up with their own looks. They’re not really looking to copy a character. They can use the custom temporary tattoos to spice up their looks and come up with something original.

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