Using Temporary Tattoos to Emulate the Stars

Using Temporary Tattoos to Emulate the Stars

Let’s face it. We look up to stars as if they’re higher than us in the hierarchy. It’s like we’re humans, and they’re above us just below God. It’s easy to see why we feel this way. After all, we idolize them. We idolize the Hollywood stars because we love how they portray characters in movies. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Robert Downey is not Tony Stark or Iron Man. It’s also easy to forget that Christian Bale is just a normal person and that he doesn’t go out at night to go after the bad guys of Gotham.

This also applies to other stars like athletes. We just witnessed how Blake Griffin jumped over a car at the last NBA All-Star festivities. We also regularly witness how other players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant score 50 points. In our eyes, what they’re doing is not humanly possible.

Of course, there are the popular singers that we’ll pay good money just to see them perform. Rihanna has always been popular while Eminem just made a successful comeback. Of course, who’s not familiar with Justin Bieber?

We feel that they’re higher than us because we can’t do what they’re doing on a regular basis. There’s no way that we can pull off a scowl like what Mr. Bale regularly does as the Batman. There’s also no way that we can dunk, let alone over a car, like Mr. Griffin. Oh, and our bathroom’s “acoustic properties” couldn’t help us sing in tune.

This is why most fans emulate their idols in other ways. For example, we’ve seen people wear a white shirt and sweatpants combo ala Eminem that led to the rapper asking that the “real Slim Shady please stand up!” Also, fans wear the latest shoes that are endorsed by these basketball players. Of course, we’ve done our shares of acting in front of the mirror as if we’re in an audition.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people that emulate the tattoos of the stars. I’m willing to bet that there are now a lot of fans who have a tattoo of musical notes on their feet just because Rihanna has them. There are also a few LBJ fans that had the guts to tattoo, “Chosen 1” across their backs.

temporary tattoosThis is understandable for two reasons. First, fans find them cool because after all, they are tattoos of the stars. In addition, fans emulate them just because they idolize these stars and wearing their tattoos somehow makes them feel that they’re one with them.

Using Star Tattoos as Inspiration for your Temporary Tattoos

What they don’t know is they actually have the better option of wearing custom temporary tattoos. Instead of going through the painful process of getting permanent tattoos of the stars, you can just have them customized by your friendly manufacturer of custom temporary tattoos. Of course, you have to make sure that you’re not breaking any laws in copying their design. Better yet, come up with something better! Use their designs as inspiration and make something better. When was the last time that you had something better than your idol? That time can be now! Begin it all with your inspired custom temporary tattoos!

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