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What is the best format to send my temporary tattoo artwork in?

Simple Answer

The best format is a large jpg. If you can't do that, then just send whatever you have and I will take care of it. You won't be charged until you approve the proof I will send you so your tattoos aren't just going to show up wrong. You get the final approval. In fact your order won't go in to production until you approve it. I have turned small crummy artwork in to fairly nice tattoos but if your artwork really is small, fuzzy and low resolution I will let you know. Photos look great too.

Technical Answer

If you can, simply save your artwork as a jpg about double the size. So artwork for a 2" x 2" tattoo at 300 dpi is 600 pixels by 600 pixels. Anything between 600 pixels and 1,200 pixels will look great. I have CS4, CorelDraw12, Publisher, MS Word and other programs to convert your artwork to a nice clean jpg. Huge 11 MB graphic files will not make better tattoos since most of the tattoos I make are smaller 2" x 2" or 3" x 4" tattoos and huge graphics files are overkill. I'll be reducing them down to a nice clean looking jpg anyway. The quality of your tattoos will be exceptional.

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I don't have artwork, can you make it for me?

Yes, of course. I have 4 levels of artwork help.

1) If you send me nice clean artwork in a format that I can convert to a nice clean jpg there is no charge to show you a proof after you have ordered. This is considered "No Artwork Help"

2) If you need me to alter a simple color, add simple text or remove something simple from your own artwork that you send me during the order process there will be a nominal feel fo $10 for the change you want. This would be considered "Minor Artwork Help".

3) If you need simple, new artwork from your description or idea it is a reasonable price of $25. Most clients who want a name and an image put together will fit in to the $25 charge fee. This is considered "Full Artwork Help". See the next question below for a quick and easy solution for your artwork needs.

4) For more complex artwork or to rebuild your small fuzzy artwork (low resolution) I will not start the artwork until I quote you an accurate price. For complex artwork I charge $45 - $75.

More information about these artwork levels can be found here.

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What if I need a bunch of ideas and help with artwork?

If you need full artwork there are two ways you can get that done. You can get me to do it based on your ideas which will cost between $25 and $75. An inexpensive way to get that done is for you to look through this website here;

http://www.clipart.com/en/index (opens in new window)

When you search for 'penguins' for example, you will be shown a few hundred ideas. Click on the one you like and you'll see an "Item No." ( example: Item: #21867009 ) When you place your tattoo order with me, give this item number and explain what you want done. (example: "Add text "Go Warriors" to the top in red.") I will use that as a guide or inspiration for your very own tattoo.

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Can I see samples of your work?

Yes, you can. Just email me your street address and be sure to include your company, school or organization name. Requests without that information will not be fulfilled.

I will send you several tattoos from past customers to show you the quality of them. I know that you will find them to be the highest quality, safe and very easy to apply. If you don't want to pay the $10 or wait for samples to arrive by mail then simply place an order today worry free. I have a 100% money back no hassle, and no questions guarantee.

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Can you look at my artwork before I order to make sure it will work?

To help you decide whether your artwork will work simply place an order and upload your artwork at the end of the order process. I will create a digital proof and email you a link where you can see it. Below the digital proof I make you is a big "Approved" button. If you press it I will start on your production order right away. If you don't Approve the tattoo artwork we can help you fix it or you can do nothing and your tattoos won't be made and your credit card will not be charged. I will not view artwork before you place an order, sorry. It takes up too much time to look through hundreds of artwork files every month. Many of the people who ask me about their artwork never order so it was not time well spent. Order your tattoos today and you'll be thrilled with the results. To help yourself, you can print out your artwork at the size you're thinking about ordering. Does it look good on paper? If yes, then it will look even better as a temporary tattoo since my manufacturing process is state of the art !

More helpful information about your artwork can be found here.

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Where and when do I send you my artwork?

At the end of the order process you'll be asked for shipping details and your payment details. You'll be presented with the information for your confirmation. When you confirm your order you'll be provided with a upload page where you can upload your artwork, or describe what you want. If you navigate away from that page, or your upload fails, don't panic. Simply look for your order confirmation by email. Reply to that and attach your artwork file or describe what you want. Please do not email your artwork if it uploaded successfully. If I receive multiple copies of the same artwork file it will delay your production order.

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Can you make a different size than you offer on your website?

Yes, we can make any size you wish starting at 1.5" x 1.5" up to 25" x 40". We do have a minimum order of 10,000 tattoos for custom sizes since those orders will have to be processed manually. You can email me at support@CustomTattoosUSA.com to get a custom quote. Please allow a 1/8" to 1/4" blank edge all around your tattoo artwork to allow for a cutting field. If you can't order 10,000 tattoos for a custom size then simply order the next size up from our stock sizes and I can make sure your artwork looks proportionate and good at that size.

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Can you make tattoos from artwork I found online?

I can make custom temporary tattoos from any artwork that you own the legal rights too. You need to have permission to use artwork from professional sports teams, companies and celebrities. If you are not the creator of the artwork and you don't have direct contact with the copyright owner then you probably do not have permission to use it for tattoos. I have the right to refuse to reproduce any artwork without proper documentation showing the ownership of the artwork.

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Can you make Glitter tattoos or glow in the dark tattoos?

Yes I can. Our minimum order for glitter or glow in the dark tattoos is 25,000 pieces. The price of our specialty tattoos is exactly double the prices listed on our Magic Quote page. You should login to our Magic Quote page and get a quote for regular tattoos at the size you want. You will then double the price at 25,000 pieces or more. That is your price. If that fits in to your budget then please email me to get your order started. Email me at support@www-TemporaryTattoos.com

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How many colours can you print?

My tattoos are printed using four colour process. This means that I can reproduce thousands, if not millions of colours. Photos even look great! I also print a white backing, free of charge, which helps the colours really pop. Your proof, which I will send you after you place an order will be a good representation of how your tattoo will look on your skin.

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I want less then 500 tattoos, can you do that?

I'm truly sorry. The minimum number of tattoos I can make per design is 500 tattoos. There are no exceptions to this rule. Sorry. My production runs at such a high capacity because I am set up to produce safe, high quality mass produced tattoos for you. If my competitor offers faster delivery or lower quantities for custom tattoos (your artwork) then they are probably making them on a home bubble jet printer with tattoo paper. You'll find the quality to be lower and I cannot say if they will be safe. All of my tattoos are made using FDA approved inks so you can be sure that they are safe.

Can I send you two designs for one 500 order (250 x 2)?

Sorry, my minimum order is 500 tattoos per design. Two designs would be 500 tattoos x 2 = 1,000 total. This is the lowest minimum order for professionally made tattoos in the USA.

Are my tattoos being made?

There are four steps that are taken before your tattoos get made. First you sign in to my Magic Quote page. Second you will get a quote. Third you will place an order. And finally you will approve the digital proof I will send to you. You will be emailed a link to a personal web page that shows your digital proof within one business day or sooner. A big Approved button is below your proof. If it looks good to you then you will click on the Approved button. This sends me a message letting me know to get your tattoos started. Just before my next production run I will set your order status to "In Order". If you haven't received any emails from me then you either entered your email address in wrong or your spam filter is blocking my emails. Check your spam folder and look up the status here.

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Is there a setup fee?

There are no setup fees to make your own temporary tattoos. The price quoted in my Magic Tattoo Quote page is all that you will pay. This includes as many colours as you need and white if needed. If you need artwork check out prices here for artwork.

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How fast can I get them?

For most orders I can be shipping out in 10 days or so. Every Monday at noon is my cutoff time for new orders. That means you've placed your order and you've approved the digital proof I will make for you. With your approval I start production on Tuesday. Nine days after that I will ship your tattoos. You can choose Next Day Express, 3-Day or ground shipping which takes 10 days to most locations. Ground shipping is free of charge. To get your tattoos faster I would have to interrupt production which is very expensive since I make millions of tattoos every month. To interrupt production you would have to place an order for 100,000 tattoos. With an order of 100,000 tattoos I can meet almost any delivery date.

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How can I bring a quote back to my group?

After your enter my Magic Quote page you'll answer a few questions like the size, the quantity and how quickly you need them shipped to you at which point you will be presented with a detailed quote. A button on that page allows you to display a full quotation on my letter head. You can print this off and bring it back to your group for approval. I work hard to maintain the lowest prices possible but please be aware that prices can change over time so printed quotes are only valid for 30 days.

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I don't have a credit card, how can I order? Can I order by PO?

I can accept an order using a formal Purchase Order from registered schools, large companies and charitable organizations. My minimum order using a PO is 5,000 tattoos. If you need less then 5,000 tattoos then you will have to use a credit card or send in a cheque. To get started you will fill out the PO Signup form here. I will review your application and get any documents necessary. When I approve your application you will be able to order tattoos and I will send you an invoice. Invoices are due 30 days after you order.

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Is it secure and safe to order online?

Yes. My system uses the latest technology to keep your information safe and secure. When you use my Magic Tattoo Quote page, your name and email address are entered in to a very secure system. This system does not allow me to email you without your permission. Every email I send to you has a safe unsubscribe link at the bottom. If you unsubscribe there is no way that I can contact you again.

Next, when you do place an order with me, your web browser will be forced in to a safe mode using SSL encryption. I have purchased a Thawte certificate which is only issued back to me after I prove that my order system is secure and I prove that I am who I say I am.

When your order comes through to me your credit card information is encrypted. All that I can see for your credit card number is the last four digits. (example ************4516 ) I cannot take this information and use it anywhere else. This is much more safe then handing your credit card to a waiter or gas attendant as they can copy all of your information down. I also use a special program that locks out hackers who attempt to gain access of my secure server. If 5 passwords are entered incorrectly the hacker is blocked from my server. A brute force attack (which some hackers use to get to personal information) takes hundreds of thousands of tries to get in to a server (if not millions of attempts) and to guess my password before a hacker can gain entry. If a hacker (or grumpy employee) did gain access to my secure server they would only find the last four digits of your credit card info making the information useless to them.

There is very little more that anyone can do to keep your information safe.

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I want 2,000 tattoos but you only offer 1,000 or 3,000, why?

My production is set up to produce mass quantities of tattoos. I offer only high quality, professional and safe tattoos. With the way that my production is set up it is not cost effective to produce certain quantities. My raw cost for 2,000 tattoos is virtually the same as when I make 3,000 tattoos. There aren't any savings that I can pass along to you for quantities outside of those offered.

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I want 300,000 or 500,000 tattoos but your prices only go up to 100,000?

With the higher cost of shipping large quantities of tattoos varying so much it is not easy to guess ahead of time what the shipping rates will be when you place your order. Please email me at support@www-TemporaryTattoos.com and I will be happy to get you the competitive and reasonable price possible.

What is the price for...? How much would it cost...?

My Magic Tattoo Quote page will answer these types of questions. When you select only a few options in my quote page it will tell you the price for your tattoos, how much shipping will cost and when the tattoos will arrive. Go now to try it out!

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Applying and Removing Temporary Tattoos

How long do they last?

I have received reports back from swim teams who competed throughout a week, showered and washed the area with the tattoos still looking great after 10 - 15 days. They will not come off with soap and water without some serious scrubbing and at that point you are simply removing a layer of skin off of yourself. (not good) You can easily remove them by using baby oil. You will see it comes off without difficulty using baby oil. The instructions on how to apply and remove them are printed on the back of every tattoo.

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How do you apply them?

To apply your new tattoos simply make sure that your skin is clean, dry and free of excessive oil. Remove the protective clear film from the top of the tattoo and discard it. Place the tattoo face down in the position that you want. Apply a light firm pressure to the back of the tattoo with a very wet paper towel, cloth or towel. Hold the wet cloth on the back for 30 seconds. Avoid moving the tattoo and maintain a light firm pressure. Remove the towel and peel off the paper backing off of the tattoo. Allow the tattoo to dry before wearing clothing over it or being too rough with it. After it is dry you'll find it very hard to remove.

How do you remove them?

You can remove the tattoo easily using baby oil. The instructions on how to apply and remove them are printed on the back of every tattoo.

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Where can you ship to?

This website is meant for customers who are shipping to addresses within the continental USA or Internationally. If you are shipping to Canada, it would be best if you used my Canada Temporary Tattoo site here. Between this website and the Canada site I can ship to anywhere in the world.

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What shipping levels do you offer?

This website offers three ways to ship to the USA. You can ship either "Regular Ground", "2 Day Express" or "Next Day Express".

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How much is shipping to Hawaii ?

All of our shipping rates are based on the continental USA. You cannot select "Ground Shipping" when shipping to Hawaii. You must choose Express Next Day.

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What taxes do I have to pay?

If you are shipping to any US address there are no taxes due. Schools do not need W9s or any other tax forms to be tax exempt. Even though every US state that orders from me is tax exempt, all tax laws are 100% complied with.

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What payment types do you offer?

The quickest way to process your order is if you pay online using my Magic Tattoo Quote page using a Visa, Master Card or American Express. For orders of 5,000 tattoos or more from registered schools, larger companies or charitable organizations you can pay by Purchase Order. Acceptance in to our PO program is necessary before you place your order. You can sign up here.

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Will you accept checks or bank wire transfers?

Yes, I can accept a check or a bank wire transfer. This will delay delivery as we have to confirm your payment before we put your order in to our system. Please use the Magic Tattoo Quote page to determine your cost. You will send an email to support@CustomTattoosUSA.com notify us of the payment you are sending. You will then send the payment.

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Why are online orders discounted 10%?

The prices you see online have a 10% discount built in. If you require me to call you and take all of your information over the phone there is a 10% surcharge. I have gone to great expense to make the online order system safe, secure and easy. This is so that I can focus on fulfilling orders and helping quickly when problems arise as they sometimes do. Taking an order over the phone is actually less secure then ordering online and costs me more to fulfill.

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What is your refund policy?

My refund policy is that if you are not happy then you will get 100% of your money back. No hassles and no questions asked. Please have a look at my full guarantee.

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If you don't charge my credit card why do I have to provide it?

I want to work hard for you. I get many requests to create free artwork and free digital proofs. In order to focus on my good clients, I would ask that you place your order using your credit card. My system will authorize your purchase which is like reserving a hotel room. The funds are held on your card but are not put in to my bank account. If you place your order and do not approve the digital proof the funds are released. If you do approve the digital proof then payment will be captured and the funds will be withdrawn.

Please note that a debit card will show the funds as being taken immediately. Those funds are not in my bank account. They are simply being held like a hotel reservation. If you do not want this to happen you should not use a debit card or not shop online.

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